"FIRE AND ICE", the poet Natalya Ponomareva, the poem, was nominated for the national literary prize "debut of the year 2017" as part of the award of the Russian Union of poets and writers "the Poet of the year 2017" (Yulia Lipnitskaya is dedicated) My feelings - fire and ice! I fear these combustions... Only the courage lives in heart, the Body is twisted in a crazy effort. And bends, cascades, and the role Surprisingly fragile Princess... It's a sure victory for the password, Kisses from heart to heart! Brittle lines flight scythe... And dotted glow shade... Full of power Holy, unearthly... divine, these movements! P. S. the Prize will be awarded March 21 the world poetry day! Yulia, Russia loves You! You are still ahead! Ice show, filming a movie... This poem is printed in the almanac "debut of the year 2017", and Yulia Lipnitskaya will go down in history of Russian literature of the 21st century! My website: www. DeviceNet.Russia Thank you for attention!
The singer and poetess Natalia PonomarevaYulia Lipnitskaya